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Crowley Hall

Now Avalable
Crowley Hall Located Between the Hotel Burleson, and Burleson Hall, can seat up to 60 persons including a Dance area, Food Buffet serving area.

A  Disc Jockey or Sound System is allowed in the Crowley Hall but subject to room Volume do to the Noise Level these project to the adjacent Facilities.
The Crowley Hall can only be seen by appointment, as it may be in use or in the process of being setup for an up coming event.
 Call Monday through Friday from 8AM to 3PM to set your appointment with our Event Manager. Please leave your Contact information when calling, Thank you.
We cannot provide Bartenders or Alcoholic Beverages. 
You are welcome to provide your own. 

The Lobbys are not a part of your Rental Package, 
No Part of your event may be in those areas.